A new maker space is opening in South Minneapolis


South MinneapolisSoMakers has a new destination for those who want to make, do and create.  Nestled within DevJam (formerly the Java Jacks spot), SoMakers is a hip hangout launching this month with a coworking twist.

“SoMakers serves up creative spaces, burly coffee, free wifi and indoor and outdoor seating,” says Josh Kennedy, an entrepreneur in residence with DevJam, and a driving force of SoMakers.


“We’d like to engage with local inventors and any special interest groups involved with hardware, electronics, etc., to help provide resources that they need and connect them with other local makers in the area,” he explains.

The space doesn’t have any tools or machinery (yet), as the now defunct Minnesota Mill once did. It’s also unclear to what extent SoMakers will compete with the new CoCo Uptown location offering space plus “extensive ideation and prototyping supplies.”
Overall, The Hack Factory located in Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhood remains the best Minneapolis maker option, although logistically a stretch for some.

SoMakers2 For now it appears that DevJam’s foray is the type of initiative that will naturally take time to mature and evolve into a fitting solution for the members it aims to serve.  Pricing for SoMakers access is currently at $12/day to $175/month, with larger rental spaces for seating up to 70 also available. Regular hours are Monday to Friday from 9 – 5 with “late night and weekend hours coming in the near future.”

Community tech events are expected to continue, building off the likes of Hack for MN, hosted earlier this summer.

“We’re looking to connect with as many makers as we can to explore what’s possible,” Kennedy adds, mentioning an open house on August 5th between 9-5 at SoMakers – 818 West 46th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419.


  • jasonstahl

    I’ve been considering getting a membership at The Hack Factory and I’m curious as to what are the logistical problems alluded to by the author? I’d guess they would have to be pretty significant when compared to the logistical problems of no equipment, limited hours (M-F 9-5) and more than three times the cost?

    • Joshua Kennedy

      Jason come to the open house and I would love to share. Daily rates are 12.00 per person in the co-working aspect of the business model. We are currently building the maker aspect. As in any community it is a work in progress. The Hack Factory is a great place and I highly suggest you go. cheers

    • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

      Hi Jason, logistical in the context of physical location, a matter of convenience and access. Stretch ≠ problem.

      • jasonstahl

        Fair enough. I read stretch as problem, but you’re right they are not synonymous. Even that logistical stretch only exists for a very select group of people.

        • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

          I rephrased that sentence, more accurately reflecting what was originally intended to convey.