E-commerce venture BoomBoom Prints is just getting started

by Josh Wolanin


BoomBoomPrintsRyan Broshar faced a conundrum: how to decorate a nursery room with the right artwork.  Whatever he found, Broshar felt stuck with formatted designs, often leading to something that did not fit the room.

“We went through a debacle with room color and artwork,” explains Broshar. “The artwork would be the right color, but it was all cookie cutter, no independent artwork, and the format was finalized with no room for customization.”

Seeing an opportunity in the family market, Broshar decided to collaborate with Sam Hewitt, co-founder and CTO, and Brett Brohl, CMO. What came next was the beginning of their online startup for customizable nursery wall art, BoomBoom Prints.

“We wanted to focus on a social commerce platform that provided artists with a marketplace to easily sell their independent and fully customizable designs,” says Broshar.

Using real-time dynamic imaging, BoomBoom Prints allows users to format designs instantly and place them on a number of products. This allows artists to focus on their designs while not having to worry about the backend, such as materials and printing.

Broshar says BoomBoom Prints is at the “tip of the spear” when it comes to real-time dynamic printing. Users get to interact in real time with designs while being able to access on-demand printing technology.

Broshar says they are currently in version 1.0 of the company, which focuses on his own artwork and is geared towards ecommerce, specifically wall art.

Version 2.0 will focus on the entire family market, and will be a social commerce platform.

“We want to provide the tools to get artists into the marketplace and also give them exposure to a niche market,” says Broshar

So far, BoomBoom Prints has been purely bootstrapped, but the team is working to raise seed funding that will go towards the backend of their social commerce platform. The first initial push for BoomBoom Prints is to garner quality artists with quality designs; an effort Broshar says is gaining traction.

Growth in the company is determined by the number of artists signed up for the service, which allows for a richer environment with more diversity in design.

Before concentrating on revenue generation, Broshar wants a solid foundation which will in turn lead to long term sustainable financial growth.

“Eventually we want the artists to set their own price, and we’ll have a set amount to cover our cost,” explains Broshar. “We’ve setup a very good brand that has resonated with our target audience.”