St. Paul startup PickPointz exits beta, eyes national scale


PickPointzPickPointz, a Minnesota-made mobile app startup for sports fans, announced today the transition from beta mode to full nationwide expansion in conjunction with the start of NFL season beginning on September 5th.

PickPointz iOS and Android apps enable users to earn rewards for picking the final score or stats for NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA.  The earlier in the game an outcome is correctly chosen, the more points earned towards gift cards, merchandise and team apparel.

In addition to public and private leader boards, PickPointz is also extending playability into fantasy football with “A dynamic weekly fantasy game based on the same principles of traditional fantasy football, but with a roster that never ‘locks’,” CEO Jim Ryan explains, which “significantly increases engagement.”


PickPointz beta stats from Sept. 2012 to July 2013 include:

  • 166,000 returning players predicted the outcome of 3,026 live events across major league and college sports.
  • PickPointz players made 796 predictions per month on average.
  • On a given day active PickPointz players made more than 63 predictions during the MLB season.
  • Nearly 150 predictions made during the NFL season, spending a daily average of 5.8 hours engaged with the app.
  • Overall PickPointz players played a total of 3,684,891 final score and final stats games, engaging with a staggering 26,261,764 ads during the beta period.

The company generates revenue through targeted ad-placements, ideal for PickPointz active and ongoing nature.  Ryan noted that affiliate partnerships, player referrals, and Facebook has been their top three means of acquiring new users.

“We ran many of the largest loyalty programs in the country when I was with Carlson. Upon my departure, when starting 2020 Marketing (PickPointz parent), the mobile movement was underway – and really PickPointz is a modern mobile loyalty marketing system.”


  • Rob Weber

    Very impressive engagement metrics by PickPointz during the beta! Congratulations to Jim and the whole team at 2020 Marketing and looking forward to watching how the rollout goes.