Choosatron crushes it on Kickstarter



Minnesota’s ‘Interactive fiction arcade machine’ Choosatron has crowdfunded 75k from 570 backers — a 340% success.

“…I know it’s going to be a lot,” Choosatron’s creator Jerry Belich pauses when asked how many kits that equates to shipping. “Probably around 500 when it’s all said and done.”

Launched at the end of July, the demand was palpable from the onset with $12k rolling in the first 24 hours. Powered by Spark, another local hardware startup that rocked a Kickstarter campaign, Choosatron’s WiFi printer win is a testament to what is possible, Belich posits.

“It’s about trying something new,” he maintains.  “There’s been tools to print and storywriting has existed for a long time.   Creative output, both in my own firsthand experience here and to facilitate it for others is what it comes down to I’d say.”

The campaign nailed six ‘stretch goals’ as they’re known within the Kickstarter community.  Upgraded hardware housings, additional stories, and a tabletop version of the game are some of the carrots that Belich dangled to keep the marketing momentum alive throughout it all.

“It’s been amazing how many people just want to help and be a part of something cool.  Above and beyond the financial support of backing, there’s been a lot of interest around translation/localization, design support, and other potential collaborations.  I look forward to taking a step back, catching my breathe and to start making things now.”