Eden Prairie hardware startup MAX4G closes on $2m+ second round

MAX4GBack in April, there was a signal from MAX4G of raising a second round of equity financing; today,  the hardware startup announced that they have successfully completed said round, oversubscribing at $2m+.

Based in Eden Prairie and founded in 2008 by “a small, but tightly focused group of system engineers and developers,” MAX4G is engaged in the development of high performance non-line-if-sight (NLOS) backhaul hardware for ‘small cell’ 4G deployments.

MAX4G microcellTheir ultimate aim is to increase wireless signal coverage and capacity within dense environments through street level microcells — a problem for which there’s a huge market, considering fiber and/or microwave isn’t always feasible technically or economically.

The investor capitalization follows the successful completion of field trials with an unnamed “global Tier 1 carrier” and will propel testing with a second major carrier in the US, according to Kyle Krug, VP of Business Development with MAX4G.

“Carriers are beginning to move. Momentum for small cell deployments is growing very rapidly, and the closure of this latest round of funding is an affirmation of our vision,” CEO Vladimir Kelman said.