Local startup G6 breaks the ice


Group SIxGroup Six (G6) Co founder Dan Biagini had been traveling a lot for his corporate job last year, spending months on end at new and different places.

“The idea spawned from an experience I had.  At one apartment complex they were basically setting up groups strangers, it was fun,” he explains, “But it was limited.”

He ran the notion by co-worker Aaron Burtzel, who saw the potential and agreed to partner back in January. The first thing they did was create some controlled experiments between their friends.

“We tested it out within our own groups and then mapped out how we thought the site should work,” Biagini says.

Once they had their formula down — connecting a three males with three females for a night out on the town — they turned to local dev firm KBS for the Facebook app as a means of automating and extending the process beyond their networks.

Using the Facebook social login, users answer a series of questions about their preferences such as age, interests, and venue style.  Then, other (same gender) friends are invited to join as the system searches for a local match, but the setup will be completely blind.

Their system then matches one trio with another, setting up the scheduling, venue, and choice of service:  drinks only, drinks + appetizer, or drinks + car service.

“We’re not guaranteeing that your going to meet your best friend or future wife or husband.  It’s just a way to help new people meet with the comfort of some friends,” Biagini says.

G6 is currently rolled out in the Twin Cities, targeting Uptown and Downtown, but plans to expand into other cities as the time is right.

“We’re busy enough to where we’re matching groups every weekend right now,” says Biagini, “People are paying and it’s working so far. “