8th Annual Minnesota Developers Conference nears

by Mike Bollinger

Minnesota Developers ConferenceMinnesota Developers Conference is officially two weeks away from today. On September 26th, the 8th annual event which considers itself “the largest developers conference in the midwest” will commence at DoubleTree Bloomington Hotel.

This year’s event will feature five tracks and a total of twenty sessions. Envisioned and organized by ILM, the conference continues to have a Microsoft focus with tracks showcasing .NET and Windows 8. The keynote speaker, Adam Grocholski, will address the audience on “Creating Modern Business Applications with the Microsoft Stack.”

Other speakers will present on topics ranging from JavaScript frameworks to mobile development and software architecture, including a talk by Marc Grabanski titled “Interactive Vector Graphic Essentials.”

“We are focusing heavily this year on new technologies and how to advance those technologies in the workplace,” said Farhan Muhammad, conference organizer. “Attendees will find answers to everyday development challenges, but more importantly, be exposed to new ideas and best practices.”