Confluence Capital launches new seed funding source for Minnesota tech startups


ConfluenceCapital“No Passive, all Aggressive,” says Ryan Broshar, describing his newest initative, Confluence Capital Partners.

“We invest where innovative ideas, huge markets and, most importantly, awesome entrepreneurs merge. We are honored to support creative folks who will stop at nothing to succeed. Confluence will ride tandem as we turn a crazy idea, into a startup, into a company, and into a way of life.”

Based in the Twin Cities, Confluence makes $25 – $75k investments into “seed” stage tech startups and entrepreneurs between Boulder and Chicago.  So far, they’ve done three Minnesota deals:  BoomBoomPrints (which Broshar founded), mobile app At-Scene, and edutech startup Kidblog.

“We’re not a dedicated fund so to speak, but we act like one,” says Broshar, who is the liaison between potential entrepreneur investees and an undisclosed group of local angel investors.


An Iowa native who attended the U of M before heading to CU Boulder for his business degree, Broshar started his own entrepreneurial journey with University Guide, a publishing and production company that he co founded 2005 while still a student and went on to sell in 2008, before heading west.

From there, he consulted with a variety of companies before returning to Minnesota about a year ago and to start BoomBoomPrints.

“When I moved back here, I kept hear about how ‘Midwest investors are too damn conservative,’ or, ‘You better start making trips to San Fran if you want to grow your business,” he explains in describing the process of how he was able to convince some wealthy angels to back him through Confluence.

“We’re not going to limit ourselves to a certain area (ie B2B, B2c, etc.), for us it’s all about the entrepreneurs themselves.   We’ll lead, follow, co-invest, we’ll do equity, convertible and may or may not take a board seat.  We intend to be involved as much as needed.”

“Let it be clear that we are actively seeking and making new investments,” he states, “Our goal is to fund ten startups within the next six months.”



  • Frank Jaskulke

    awesome! Really exciting to see how many investors are popping up publicly this year and declaring their support for the tech community in Minnesota.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi Frank, from your vantage point, what do you attribute this trend to?