Edutech startup Kidblog flips the revenue switch


KidblogMinnesota Edutech startup Kidblog has rolled out their first monetization mechanism this month with the introduction of a premium version of their classroom blogging platform.

For $5/month (or $25/year), teachers can upgrade the number of seats available, storage capacity, customization abilities and support level.  Admin Pro ($2/student/year) is designed for IT directors, admins and coordinators who manage large groups of students and teachers throughout a school or district.

Launched in 2010, Kidblog has racked up 3.5m free registered users (2m+ active), including teachers and students, spanning 150k classrooms.  They are currently enrolling about 700 freemium classrooms each day with approximately 35 premium daily conversions (~5%).

“Kidblog continues to grow due to our amazing free platform…and we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the new premium offerings,” co founder Matt Hardy says.

“A testament to how valuable Kidblog can be to the classroom is that many teachers are simply paying for it out of their own pockets.”

Last month, the venture took home the Minnesota Cup general division crown, earning some cash and recognition for their continued progress.

Our focus now is on scale and conversion optimization,” Hardy added.



  • Pete Kane

    Go get it guys!!

  • kalpesh

    Nice work guys – get that paper!