Alignamite helps orgs get it straight

by Mike Bollinger


Alignamite LogoEntrepreneurs and leaders often excel at creating a vision. They have a bright idea that is crystallized in their own heads, but their vision doesn’t always translate to plans and goals everyone else can understand.

Alignamite, a new software startup spun-out of consulting group Employee Strategies, is working to close that gap.

The web-based, software-as-a-service performance management tool helps leaders align the goals of their organization from top to bottom.

“My philosophy, in life and in work,” says J. Forrest, founder of Alignamite, “Is leave a place better than you found it…that’s the inspiration behind Alignamite. We believe people want their work to matter and want to see the impact.”

A number of companies already provide full HR software systems or performance management tools. But according to Forrest, those solutions tend to be very large, complicated systems that are generally priced out of reach for smaller businesses.

Focusing on organizations with fewer than 100 employees, Alignamite offers tools and process guidelines that help leadership solidify what the organization vision means at the individual employee level. An associated accountability plan helps the leader and employee work towards the same goals while creating a year-end performance review framework that employees don’t hate.

“Our vision is to become an integral tool in the making of great places to work,” said Forrest.


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