Scott Davis on “Winning the Battle and Winning the War” at Startup Weekend Twin Cities 5

by The TECHdotMN Team


Scott DavisMinnesota tech entrepreneur Scott Davis is added to the speaking roster for the upcoming Startup Weekend Twin Cities 5.

His topic is: “Winning the Battle and Winning the War.”

Scott Davis is the CEO of QONQR, a mobile gaming company in the Twin Cities. QONQR was the winner of the first Twin Cities Start up Weekend in 2010.  QONQR allows players to capture towns and cities in the real world using their GPS enabled smart phones.  To date, QONQR players have captured over a half million cities in nearly 200 countries.  Scott is a software developer focusing on cloud and mobile development, and holds an MBA in New Venture Management from the University of St Thomas.

Startup Weekend is a competition that often requires a very different approach than what you would normally take to start a company.  Scott will discuss the strategies for not getting hung up on “normal” start up stuff that hurts your ability to win the weekend, as well as how to avoid letting the outcomes of the weekend become an anchor that will hold your start up back after the weekend is over.  Whether your goal is to win the weekend, to get your start up idea off the ground, or both, Scott will cover what worked and what didn’t for QONQR.”


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Early bird registration open for Startup Weekend Twin Cities 5 at CoCo Mpls.