NimbeLink turns to crowdfunding for Moxie device

NimbeLink has eschewed traditional means of private placement funding with intentions of bringing their latest product to market through

This week the Rochester-based company announced goal of crowdfunding $90k for Moxie through the online platform, a comparable an alternative to the Kickstarter’s & Indiegogo’s of the world.   The concept remains the same:  enable early adopters to partake in the process of development, fulfillment and launch with an incentive of being first to own.

As of today, they have 69 more days to reach the all or nothing goal with about $1,100 committed.

Moxie uses various internal and external Bluetooth sensors to communicate with a standalone cellular modem embedded within the base, which in turn, transmits alerts to a mobile device via SMS.  Basic applications for monitoring include motion, temperature, humidity, and AC power. Preliminary testing shows that Moxie can run for up to six months on its rechargeable internal battery.

NimbeLink CEO Scott Schwalbe considers it to be the “lowest priced self-contained security notification product on the market,” at price point of $199 + $9/month subscription.

Moxie is entering a crowded space in the consumer-driven home security market, alongside players like SmartThings & Iris, but their big differentiator is the cellular only connection.

“When power goes out or where WiFi is weak, Moxie will work,” Schwalbe says.

Obvious environments could include cabins, factories, garages or sheds. Basically anywhere that power or WiFi isn’t consistently accessible, which remains more often than not. Interestingly, Moxie is the consumer version of their enterprise TextAlert product, which has been been adopted by customers in the construction and farming industry.

“The two will remain separate product lines, each with its own market,” Schwalbe says.   “…and if we don’t reach out goal on Fundable, we’ll use capital from other products like TextAlert to develop Moxie.”


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