Minnesota startup Third Iron is hot


Third IronFounded in the spring of 2011, St. Paul startup Third Iron was in stealth mode for over a year, quietly prototyping and patiently researching while strategizing a go to market plan.

Then last October,  they launched their first product,  BrowZine — and it’s off to a hot start.

Browzine Journal Browsing App - iPad Logo“BrowZine works by organizing the articles found in Open Access and subscription databases, uniting them into complete journals, then arranging these journals on a library-branded newsstand.

The result is an easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across the disciplines.  BrowZine delivers thousands of academic journals to your iPad or Android tablet.”

Co founder and CEO Kendall Bartsch says he had been selling into the academic and corporate library information space for 17 years before starting Third Iron.

“There’s a lot of big institutions, corporate and medical libraries that have an incredible abundance of knowledge. BrowZine changes the way this information is packaged, distributed and sold through mobile,” he explains. “It’s now proven to be a very appealing value proposition.”

They’ve on boarded over 100 paying enterprise customers since launching BrowZine just a year ago; from locals like University of St. Thomas and St. Olaf College to large research universities such as Johns Hopkins and Stanford.

Co founder CTO Karl Becker recently relocated to Minneapolis from Iowa, while third partner and COO John Seguin resides in Lawrence Kansas. They have a distributed core development team around the US and are hiring here.

“There is an enormous green field opportunity for us right now,” Bartsch says with confidence. “It’s a function of how fast we can scale since we have a proven revenue model. To that extent we may be raising a large funding round in 2014.”

Now the question is, who will strike?