Clay Collins on “Hustlemania” at Startup Weekend Twin Cities 5

by The TECHdotMN Team


ClayCollinsMinnesota tech entrepreneur Clay Collins is added to the speaking roster for the upcoming Startup Weekend Twin Cities 5.

His topic is: “Hustlemania: 5 things we absolutely positively didn’t do en route to getting 7.5K customers 10 months after launching LeadPages (and 5 things we obsessed About)”

Clay Collins loves growth but hates the term ‘growth hacker.’ He is the Co-Founder of LeadPages, a Minneapolis company that launched in January & recently raised a $5 million Series A investment from the Foundry Group & Arthur Ventures. LeadPages is a crowdsourced conversion
rate optimization (and a/b split testing) platform.

Noticing that the vast majority of startups fail, we decided to not act or think like a startup. We isolated ourselves from “the startup scene,” we stopped reading startup blogs, ignored the advice and thoughts of investors, VCs, and other “thought leaders,” and kept ourselves in a state of ignorant bliss. Rather than getting distracted, we obsessively hyper-focused on five core business objectives. What happened as a result still feels like a small miracle.”


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  • Casey Allen

    There’s no better person to learn this from. This will be very, very good.

    • Clay Collins

      Thanks for you kind words, Casey!

  • Thompson Aderinkomi

    Can’t wait

    • Clay Collins

      I screwed up my talk time and am giving it this morning. Looking forward to seeing you there.