UnitedHealth Group spawns new health IT startup Wellvize


Wellvise Minnesota’s $100b behemoth UnitedHeath Group has launched a new startup called Wellvize, aimed at providing the insight and accountability of
a health coach at the fraction of the price.

“Personalized health coaching is typically very expensive, $150 – $200 month on average,” Wellvize co founder Dan Cohen explains when describing their product. “Our goal is to provide the same value to more people by leveraging expertise delivered through technology.”

WellviseappUsers get started by taking a 15 point fitness assessment through the mobile optimized app, which is used for establishing a base profile and future objectives.   Depending on the prescribed plan, the service provides dynamic feedback and ‘validation coaching’ though text message, live chat and email support that drives towards measurable daily action.

“Our research shows that active individuals between 26-45 are more committed to their exercise plans and achieve better results through accountability tools like Wellvize,” Cohen says, channeling his inner degree in exercise science.

The venture comes out of “The Garage” — code name for a small group of entrepreneurs, inventors and developers inside UHG seeking to build a portfolio of startups that will impact the health system at-large in transformative ways.

wellvizepp2Cohen joined OptumHealth in 2010. Taking experiences from his specialized athletic consulting business SCS Multisport, Cohen aimed to deliver personalized fitness to the masses. His new venture Wellvize is poised to do just that.

“I was looking for a chance at another entrepreneurial challenge,” Cohen says. “I heard that they were organizing a small, agile and experimental group and wanted to be a part of that.”  As an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’, Cohen partnered with Jolene Butler, formerly of RedBrick Health, to co-found Wellvize.

“We’re still in the beginning stages, but the early signs are positive considering that we already have paying customers on a monthly subscription model between $20-$30/month.”

Cohen’s grand vision is to move beyond the direct to consumer approach and into the B2B employers space, starting with the natural inroads available through UnitedHealth Group.


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