Minnesota mobile startup At-Scene arrives


At-SceneGolden Valley mobile startup At-Scene has been steadily chipping away since their iCrime Fighter iOS app was first released two years ago this month.

The technology that enables 10,000+ police officers to automate on-the-go field data collection is getting a big lift today.

At-scene is introducing iCrime Fighter Enterprise at industry gathering IACP 2013 , using FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and AWS GovCloud to broaden the appeal the heads of organization.

At-Scene CEO Mario Galasso is a retired officer and Iraq war veteran who describes the typical 2-3 day process of collecting and sharing evidence as having many components: SD cards, field notes, various recording devices, evidence forms, and physical lockers.

To that end, their mobile evidence platform securely enables the collection of images, videos, audio and text statements at the scene and pushes the package to their desk in real time.

“Using At-Scene means that a lot of important time can be saved for officers and the potential for human error decreases while compliance increases,” explains Galasso about how they hit a tipping point when chief’s began asking about department wide rollouts.

“That’s when we new we were on to something and immediately started developing the next version for broader scale.”

Galasso says they have been in testing with 0ver 100 agencies, is launching an iOS7 version this week, and two years in, the venture has become cash flow positive.

“We’re a real company now,” he asserts.

Meanwhile, their team has grown to include a co-founder Jeremy Rasusch, CTO Gangadhar Sulkunte and VP/CMO Kavi Turnbull.

Their next product to be released, iBolo, aims to create the next generation of databases for local and national polics using an integrated fingerprint scanner. As to iBeat Cop, Galasso says it’s “Too radical to share right now,” but will “forever change the way that police and public interact.”


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