Maverick: now serving startups



Maverick Software Consulting has built a name for itself in the business of pairing computer science students with internships at large corporations. 

With five physical locations across the University of Minnesota, Mankato State, St. Cloud State, Iowa State, and UW Madison, they have suppied customers like Thomson Rueters, Symantec, Deluxe and SPS Commerce for years.

More recently, however, CEO Martin Hebig began to sense an unmet need for smaller startup companies who need similar on demand resources.

“The scale that’s needed to setup shop for 20 students and an office manager meant that Maverick was out of reach for many smaller companies and startups,” Hebig explains.

“…and with the startup growth we’ve seen here in the Twin Cities alone, I had to explore.”

Throughout the last year, they’ve adapted their matching model to cater towards those emerging companies who have unmet talent and testing needs in small doses.

“Startups are incredibly busy, always on the go, and in need of flexible resources on the fly. They typically don’t have the time or means to attend career fairs and embed themselves into various campus environments.”

As such, Maverick has leveraged its network of over 70 different universities and org partnerships with MnSCU and Genesys Works to match students remotely while taking care of the back office admin on behalf of their customers.

“We don’t have to invest $100k into an office this way, meaning we can help more students and startups by reducing infrastructure overhead.”

As a result of the new remote approach, Hebig says they’ve been able to enroll more students from smaller universities and rural Minnesota. Currently, they place resources in four primary areas: Java, Microsoft stack, web development and software testing; iOS and Android development is an area they intend to offer going into next year.

As word gets out, the startups are responding.  QONQR, MobileRealtyApps and Conservis are three local ventures already engaged with Maverick, and there’s more to come he assures.

“At the end of the day, our rates and service compare with offshoring but we’re keeping the jobs local and also offering students with an invaluable internship opportunity.”


  • Guest

    We have been very pleased with our Maverick intern. Maverick was very patient in helping us find the right developer for our unique needs. It was a risk for us to turn a young developer lose in our code, especially a remote developer. I’m confident most start-ups share this concern. However, our Maverick intern exceeded our expectations very quickly. We will be calling Maverick again when QONQR has a need for another bright developer.

  • Aaron Kardell

    Martin and the team at Maverick has been great to work with.