Strength in numbers


Mark Brown and Josh Headlee-2
St. Paul tech entrepreneurs Mark Brown and Josh Headlee are ganging up on utilities.

When Josh Headlee founded Accelerated Innovations (AI) in 2009, the former IT consultant turned product launcher was ready to go at it as a solo founder.

He’d later see the value of teaming with fellow cleantech SaaS entrepreneur Mark Brown.

Employed by Franklin Energy at the time, Brown was first introduced to Headlee as he assisted in evaluating AI’s MyMeter app. It was through that process that they discovered something more: shared values, passions and vision.

As Brown shifted out of his own consulting role and into tech startup QuadROI, their bond would continue to set through the ongoing exchange if ideas and resources. The combination of Headlee’s technical chops and Brown’s domain expertise were resulting in something bigger than themselves.

As such, they’ve shacked up in St. Paul with fellow teammates to combine development, strategy and might.

“Not only are our personal strengths complementary, but the platforms are as well,” Brown says.  “We were operating separately in such a large industry that it made a lot of sense to unify.”

Accelerated Innovations MyMeter product is mobile application for consumer energy management. It leverages the utilities existing smart metering infrastructure to give property owners and businesses greater control over their energy use.  Data reporting/analytics, feedback, alerts, and prepaid billing are part of the functionality.

The app is purchased by the utility companies seeking to assist customers and achieve energy savings goals in compliance with various statewide energy mandates.  MyMeter has acquired numerous large utility customers and industry partnerships, including global smart grid leader Landis+Gyr.

“MyMeter’s utility partners realize energy savings and improved customer satisfaction through greater opportunities to engage, communicate, and empower customers with MyMeter,”  Headlee says. “Mark has been invaluable in helping us to realize the potential.”


QuadROI, named after the British metric for thermal units, officially came onto the scene in the spring of 2012 as part of its involvement with Project Skyway and later that year in the Minnesota Cup.

The company’s industry intelligence SaaS uncovers data buried in state-level docket filing systems, repackaging this data for utility decision makers to access easier than ever before.  An example might include benchmarking dollar per kilowatt hour savings measurements across various energy saving program categories in multiple geographies.

“We are data liberators, focused on taking the pain and frustration out of accessing insights on utility investments in new energy resources,” Brown says.  “This frees up energy geeks to apply their time and talents in optimal ways.”

Throughout the past year, QuadROI has struck a partnership agreement with E Source, a Boulder-based research advisory firm who will help bring the QuadROI platform to market, giving the startup a deep and well-established distribution channel.

“One thing that our relationship with AI brings to bear is ongoing development resources in the same space,” says Brown, who predicts the combined team will become a go-to software development partner for E Source, seeking to pursue new platform opportunities over the coming months and years.

“There is an old Arican proverb: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together,” he concludes.

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