15 Code Camps later, the manifesto lives on

by Josh Wolanin

Twin Cities Code CampTwin Cities Code Camp 15 (TCCC) came to the University of Minnesota on October 19th, drawing in over 400 attendees. Starting in 2006, TCCC has met a growing demand for large biannual developer conferences in the region.

“I had attended the Boston Code Camp a couple years before TCCC started, and really liked the idea,” co organizer Jason Bock explains. “I was hoping it would happen in the Twin Cities, but when no one was doing it, I decided to start the event locally.”

Out the gate, TCCC generated a few hundred attendees, but throughout the past two or so events, TCCC has seen their growth nearly double.  He attributes a large part of the ongoing success to the “Code Camp Manifesto.” In order to use the Code Camp stamp, the event must follow six simple protocols:

1. By and For the Developer Community.
2. Always Free
3. Community Developed Material
4. No Fluff – Only Code
5. Community Ownership
6. Never Occur During Work Hours

Entrusted to maintain the manifesto are four local organizers — Bock, Mike Hodnick, Brandy Favilla and Judah Himango.

When asked what he thinks the future of TCCC looks like, Bock explains. “The general format of the event will stay the same, and I think that’s what makes it successful, but we may need to find a bigger facility sometime in the near future. We also may toy with other session ideas, like shorter sessions and whatnot, but we see the event just continually growing the way it is.”


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