MN transplant startup captures $1m DOE grant


sunnumberCleantech software startup Sun Number has received a $1 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant to expand the geographic coverage of its solar assessment software, says co founder and CTO Ryan Miller.

The company’s technology assembles and analyzes information about the materials and age of roofs, the history of energy use at each building and other data in order to create a “Sun Number Score.”

The formula is used to assist solar companies and property owners (commercial & residential) in determining the best solar energy system designs for their situation.

Sun Number currently has reach across 7 million properties in areas such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington DC; their goal is to leverage the funding to increase it to 30+ million nationwide.

Sun Number was originally formed in New Mexico, but has recently relocated to the Minneapolis suburbs where Miller plans to hire both developers and analysts.