thisCLICKS launches WageBase


WageBaseFrom the makers of When I Work, comes WageBase, time clock and attendance software for SMB’s that hire and employ hourly employees on a payroll basis.

“We’ve taken a mobile first approach,” say thisCLICKS CEO Chad Halvorson. “There’s no traditional hardware (timeclock) device, whereas the mobile BYOD is the terminal.”

WageBase2 Using multiple location services, WageBase ensure that when an employee clocks they are in fact where they need to be. Attendance notifications are built into the system so that management can elect to receive text pushes if an an employee is late or doesn’t show up at all. Similarly, overtime notifications can be incorporated as well.

“It’s about allowing things to operate without interruption,” Halvorson explains.

“Management can choose to make decisions as it happens or at a more ideal time.”

Through a partnership with ZenPayroll, WageBase will track all the hours per employee in a given pay period, which can transfer to payroll in a matter of clicks, avoiding redundant steps.

While WageBase is an independent product from When I Work’s scheduling software, Halvorson naturally sees lots of opportunity for cross-channel distribution as well as integrated usability.

WageBase’s introductory pricing is roughly $1 per employee/month; it’s a value proposition at a price point that has captured the attention of over 50 customers already.

“There’s hundreds more waiting to get in now that we can start scaling,” he notes.


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