Spark powered Qbox launches WiFi BBQ on Kickstarter

Minneapolis consumer hardware startup Qbox launched a $100k Kickstarter campaign today to fund the production of a WiFi connected BBQ smoker.

“Real barbeque made simple. Monitor and control your BBQ from anywhere. The Qbox will alert you & keep your food warm until you get home.”


“Traditional methods of barbecue smoking takes a lot of time and hassle,” says Qbox co­founder Cameron Henderson. “As fans of good food and new technology, we are creating a way to make the same great food without having to babysit a grill or smoker all day.”

Qbox’s convenient year round outdoor cooking possibilities should especially well with Minnesotan’s.  Through Kickstarter, they are now offering their first 100 backers a $379 price point ($399 for holiday gift package) with shipping to anywhere in the US.


This a finely crafted, clearly positioned and well-timed campaign that could be financed a number of ways. 100 Qbox units at $379 and 155 units at $399 yeilds $100k in commitments. Not counting the 5k/10k+ wildcard, Qbox need to presell an estimated 250 units in the next 30 days to reach their minimum campaign threshold.


Those who follow Minnesota tech crowdfunding know that an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign does not mean it’s over. Minneapolis startup Spark, a core technology provider to Qbox, staged a big comeback earlier this year and is now becoming a key integrator with peer hardware startups.  Of course, making it big on Kickstarter out the gate never hurts either, as SmartThings can testify.

Qbox Co founder Cameron Henderson, described as the idea leader of the team, is a cooking enthusiast who’s “almost embarrassingly giddy about this project.”  Co founder and left brain of the team Josh Maslowski has held marketing, management, sourcing and other job roles. This guy just wants to “smoke ribs and bike at the same time.”

“We have used our network of engineers, designers, and suppliers in the United States, Germany, and China to create the infrastructure,” the campaign copy says, addressing what may prove to be the greatest challenge for Qbox — fulfillment.

This capital raise is for app completion, tooling, certification, and initial order delivery; if all goes according to plan, initial mass production runs in April and with shipment scheduled for July — peak BBQ season.


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