Silicon Valley vet seeks Minnesota startup


Mark Casey“Startups…I’m looking for the signals in the noise,” Mark Casey tells me in the first minute of our first conversation.

The difference between Casey and the next consultant, is that he’s less about taking resources and more about giving them — both time and money.

The Minnesota native and U of M grad has been in tech for over two decades as his first foray into software was with relational database company Ingres in 1991.

Ten years in, he survived the dotcom era and learned from coast to coast within Fortune 500 companies before joining Appirio in 2010. 
Shortly thereafter, he caught the entrepreneurial itch and left for omnichannel digital marketing software startup Admovate, just one year ago.

“It’s a bit of a Cinderella story,” he says in reflection, speaking towards an intimate involvement with Admovate’s acquisition by Yahoo! in July.  With some smart money now in hand, Casey is on the hunt for a Minnesota startup.

“Looking at the whole environment right now, the opportunities for complimentary SaaS & mobile technology to be acquired have never been better.  I’m focused on finding that next team here in Minnesota now as I’ve realized the startups here are as good as anywhere else.”

Casey describes his value-add as strategy, business development and revenue execution.
“A good fit for me is an existing startup that needs some resources to reach traction, revenue and scale.”

“It doesn’t matter if your service is the most polished or the most elegant, what matters is that you’re doing it ahead of the curve.  It’s still the wild west out there, now I know it only takes one,” he reassures me.