GiveMN site crash costing thousands a minute

giveMN_logoRoughly 2/3 of the way through a 24 hour statewide fundraiser known as “Give to the Max Day, has buckled under the weight of generosity.

The site is powered by DC-based Razoo, providers of the fundamental technology platform to GiveMN. Disruptions began this afternoon around the $9m mark, and while the homepage is kind of back, key functionality — such as actual making a donation — are just not there.

A quick analysis of $9m raised by 30k+ donors after 15 hours (pre-crash estimates) would equate to $10k from 35 unique transactions every minute.  With downtime currently at around 45 minutes, there’s cumulative opportunity loss of ~$500k so far in potential donations, approaching $600k/hr.

GiveMN took to twitter to say what they could: “We don’t have an answer right now as we are focused on getting the website back up and running. Stay tuned.”

Would be donors appear to be patient and understanding of the circumstances, however avoidable they may have been.  The catch, like many of these time sensitive circumstances, is whether the pent up demand will further compound the issue once (seemingly) resolved.

In the end, it will be interesting to gauge whether or not the downtime will have had a noticeably adverse effect, or to what financial degree. Perhaps this years Give to the Max Day will be a little more than a day, technically.


  • danmoriarty

    Yeah, very unfortunate, just was trying to use the site