Local startup AppViz returns with fresh outlook

by Josh Wolanin


Logo-AppViz-Black(1)“Our purpose is to make the data presented to developers through the App Store more accessible, understandable and convenient.”

The first sentence describing AppViz by IdeaSwarm cofounder and CEO Dustin Bruzenak tightly illustrates the opportunity AppViz continues to pursue with the release of their third big iteration today, the biggest product overhaul since inception.

Dustin and twin brother Dylan have been working on the application since before 2008, helping developers to monitor their iOS and Mac product sales from their corresponding App Stores.  Partnering with Iconfactory, the team has now improved the interface and added a wide range of features to further strengthen their catalog of analytics and tracking tools.

“We have a new dashboard that presents your top selling apps with handpicked details, and a number of analysis tools such as trend and ranking analysis. So you can find out why these things are happening to your app,” explains Dustin Bruzenak.


One of the main goals of the new implementation was to further streamline the way data was presented. Previously, AppViz was developed “by developers, for developers,” but as the application gained more traction, the Bruzenak twins realized they needed a better way to present the data.

This lead to Iconfactory becoming a full partner, a very well respected and world premiere icon design company best known for their app Twitterific. By teaming up with Iconfactory, AppViz is allowed to focus more on functionality and features. Something they excel at understanding.


“You’ll notice a major visual difference thanks to Iconfactory,” notes Bruzenak. “We’re super excited to have them on board.”

Another shift in presentation is the new server component. Before, AppViz was purely a desktop application. Now, customers can be using AppViz on one machine while simultaneously pulling data from another device.

The company has also added to its core business team with the addition of Troy Gaul as CTO. Formerly a lead of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Revel, Gaul is well versed in iOS and Mac development, as can be seen by the company he founded InfinitApps.

Besides redoing the interface and adding to their core business team, AppViz is also changing the way it makes money. Before, you bought the app for a specific price and all was said and done. However, Bruzenak explains that AppViz will now be changing to a subscription model.

AppViz will now run as a freemium service (one app free) and therafter involve a subscription method determined by the volume of apps.


“The idea is if you’re a small company just trying to get your foot in the door you can use the free version,” explains Bruzenak. “If you’re a bigger company you can pay a little more for multiple apps.”

With the new features, interface and revenue model Bruzenak is optimistic for the applications future. With over 10,000 current customers and a solid record of traction, it almost seems inevitable.

“We previously doubled our growth,” says Bruzenak. “…and we’re excited to get this out.”