Science Museum nerdfest featuring local tech startups


logo_tinkerersballOn December 5, hundreds of Minnesota nerds are conjugating at the Science Museum of Minnesota for Social Science: Tinkerer’s Ball:

“Social Science is an evening event series at the Science Museum that is designed specifically for an adult audience. During Social Science, the museum is open exclusively to visitors ages 21 and up, giving them access to the exhibit galleries, and various activities. Social Science features food and drink, special adult-oriented presentations, live theater performances, music, trivia and more.”

As the SMMN rotates themes for their Social Science series, this one is for makers, DIYers, crafters, artisans, inventors and “Plain every day folk who mix new and old technology to create newfangled marvels.”  There’s at least 14 unique projects featured and here are the “newer technology” startups: