BRIDGEdotMN hits the $50k milestone

by The TECHdotMN Team


BRIDGEdotMN_logoBRIDGEdotMN has organically reached the $50k point for cash raised to support the increase of digital literacy among Minnesota youth.  The funding has provided 50
different Twin Cities residents aged 13 – 18 with computers, internet, and skills training.

This milestone marks the completion of an initial experimentation phase.

The recipients were selected by nonprofit partner Project for Pride in Living (PPL) whose role in program design, sourcing, curriculum, logistics and overall operations has been incredible.

Since the devices themselves are dependent upon network access for doing what these users do most, Mobile Citizen has also been a vital partner by providing reduced cost broadband Internet for a year (or longer) at a time.   The CTEP AmeriCorps trainers, including Rob Masen and Alex Halaszyn, have forever left their mark on BRIDGEdotMN.

TECHdotMN has directly donated ~ $25k of profits to date while externally fundraising through 1:1 gifts and numerous tech events; safe to say that without TECHdotMN’s sponsors, supporters and attendees, BRIDGEdotMN would never exist.

Thank you to those in the Minnesota tech community who have supported BRIDGEdotMN, directly or indirectly.  You know who you are (and so do we).  You’ve all made a positive impact on 50 lives by simply empowering them with access to knowledge they otherwise would not have.


  • Zack Steven

    That’s great news! Thanks, and kudos on being the change

    • Jeff Pesek

      Right on Zack, thanks for giving what you have towards the cause!