New MN startup Waitless launches a smarter restaurant app


waitlessEver been at a restaurant before, unable to order or pay when you’re ready?

Minnesota tech entrepreneur Alec Jeffery is betting you have and that his new mobile startup, Waitless, will do just that — minimize the wait.

Introduced on Android last month, the product allows consumers to view detailed menus and actually place the order prior to arriving at a given sit down establishment.

The parked order is placed into kitchen queue upon ‘checkin’ just as though it was taken/delivered by the waitstaff, increasing efficiency for the customer and the merchant right away.  This also enables the server to do more with less concern for slow timing and human error.

Lastly, the app integrates with Dwolla for payment, eliminating that back and forth when it comes to ‘the check’.

“It really hit me how slow the food and beverage industry continues to be,” Jeffery says.

“For example, I had 30 minutes to grab a bite and a beer over lunch the other day,”  he continues. “…you know how the story goes. Patrons will always want to dine at restaurants and interact with their servers, but the timeline that this exchange plays out can be significantly improved with Waitless.”

In addition to the convenience angle, the app anticipates finding new methods of connecting customers with restaurants and generating unique promos based on personal preferences.

As a mechanical engineer by trade, Jeffery has partnered with co founder Leye Shobola on the development side.  Waitless which has already acquired customer number one —  Sawatdee in Eden Prairie — on subscription plan and they intend to announce more merchants in Minnesota and Las Vegas next year, alongside the forthcoming iOS app release.

“It would be very gratifying to hear that a new customer used Waitless to increase the quality of experience at their favorite restaurant.” Jeffery says, reiterating the simple focus on solving a very real problem so many can relate to.


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