MN startup OMG Transit rolls into Intel Labs big data incubator


OMG-logo_BetaMN-04OMG Transit is on a roll.  The Minnesota startup is one of six taking part in the ‘Innovation Pipeline,’ a civic data incubator developed by Intel Labs and Second Muse with participation by predicative analytics firm ColdLight.

“The initiative looks at new types of correlations of data for the creation of value to individual users and the expansion of the market of big data through a better understanding of the complex relationship of
factors and technology capabilities that is leading us to
a data-centric economy,” says Neisan Massarrat of Second Muse.

Initially formed as mspbus during the National Day of Civic Hacking held at SoMakers last June, the service offers real time transportation routing for bus schedules, the Hiawatha Light Rail, Car2Go, and Amtrak.

“OMG Transit was selected for outstanding performance at the National Day of Civic Hacking and subsequent work, where they created an advanced prototype for an online, real-time multi-modal transportation solution,” Massarrat continues.

“The concept of OMG Transit also matched the vision of the Innovation Pipeline, where we were looking to find projects that would increase the impact and understanding of civic technology, from initial concept to scaling and eventually self-sustaining projects and companies through targeted support.

Decuir notes that the program doesn’t provide financial support, instead — connections, access to an analytics engine and structure.  They are participating through the month of April, at which point the objective is to have established a revenue model.

“We want to turn this civic hacking project into a viable business,” he states.

OMG Transit is also testing the waters in Portland, developing native mobile apps on iOS and Android, and will be at the upcoming Beta.MN event.


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