Minneapolis Hardware startup RTT raises $300k

rttmobileRTT Mobile Interpretation — a hardware startup from Minneapolis formed in 2009 has recently raised $300k of a $350k capital round according to SEC document filings.

The core product, known as ELSA, offers on-demand mobile interpretation for a variety of industries:

“A hands-free, mobile live interpretation solution, ELSA™ provides immediate communication in 180 languages. ELSA is ideal for hospitals, law enforcement, emergency medical services, financial services, insurance claim adjusters, pharmacies and more. Easy to use with one-button operation, the device is durable and can be worn on a belt, shirt or around the user’s neck.”

The company appears to have found a stride in 2012 — signing customers, winning awards and establishing wholesale distribution agreements.  Back in 2012 RTT had previously received at least $220k in capitalization.



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