Rochester HealthIT startup nabs $1.2m for analytics SaaS

AmbientClinicalAnalyticsRochester SaaS startup Ambient Clinical Analytics has raised $1.18m of a $1.5m convertible debt round, according to SEC documents recently filed.

The company is developing an analytics platform called AWARE which supports hospital emergency rooms, operating rooms and intensive care units:

“Our software consists of algorithms that mine data from electronic medical records (EMR). It then presents that data to the physicians and nurses so they may facilitate real-time clinical decision making and care delivery. These products are positioned as add on applications that are designed to easily integrate with the current major EMR providers.”


The venture appears to be a resident at the Mayo Clinic’s Business Accelerator, although it’s not publicly listed;  CEO Al Berning, formerly of Hardcore Computer, was reluctant to talk more about the grand plan at this time.

“We’re technically still in stealth mode,” he says. “Stay tuned for more info when we publicly launch.”


  • karen

    This is a great idea

  • Keith Streckenbach

    This is an extremely crowded market (I know I sold my market leading company in 2010) and I’m curious what unique value proposition Ambient offers.