Local family biz finds a healthy e-commerce niche


ProHealthSpotHaving a licensed health practitioner in the family carries with it certain perks.

“I was taking fish oil ten years before anyone knew what it was,” says Tim Saetre, a 26-year-old who — along with his mom and his brother Ben — started an online sales shop for natural health supplements based out of Sartell, Minnesota.

Their company, ProHealthSpot, has been in business since November of 2011, selling a wide assortment of diet and health products to take advantage of the nation’s growing interest in wellness products.

But despite the family background, this path was hardly preordained. Tim majored in finance in college but ultimately found he didn’t have the interest or attention span to work in that industry. Burnt out, he decided a couple years ago that he would drive to Vail, CO, and take a concierge job at a hotel, becoming the prototypical “ski bum.”

It was then that his mother, who has operated a chiropractic and wellness store called StillPointe Health in Sartell for many years, came to him with the suggestion to build a website that sells natural health products.

And so Tim teamed up with his older brother Ben, who was unhappily working in construction at the time, to launch the business. Now, ProHealthSpot offers more than 1,000 different varieties of supplements in varying sizes and flavors.

“All of our products are tested and high-quality,” Tim says. “There’s a lot of science that’s gone into these.”

Coming off a strong first full year, the brothers have set their sights on one million in revenue in 2014, a goal they believe that they can achieve.

To do so, they rely on traffic from blogs and search engines — both paid and organic. Tim also says he has leaned heavily on networking to call attention to his company and to learn new things about an e-commerce world that was foreign to him prior to launching ProHealthSpot.

“I have really enjoyed this journey,” he says. “I never saw myself owning an e-commerce website and doing business that like this.”