Minnetonka startup TrackIF raising a $3m round


trackif Minnetonka startup TrackIF is ramping-up on the fundraising front again.

A recent SEC filing indicates a $3m round is underway, with $1.19m closed and the remaining balance “oversubscribed,” according to founder and Chief Tracker Doug Berg.

The company offers consumers tools to monitor changes around certain types of products on various websites — everything from electronics, homes and cars, to stocks and jobs.

“We’re now tracking over 1,000 sites and doing daily price checks on over 350,000 unique products that people are tracking,” Berg says, “There are over 300,000 users on the platform and growing by thousands daily.”

On the flipside, TrackIf acts as a business solution for site owners to help them capture and convert with “uniquely branded services.”

TrackIf is available as a Firefox or Chrome extension, bookmarklet and mobile on iOS & Android.

“It’s exciting to be launching a solution that provides so much value to both consumers and sites, making the world smarter and simpler from right here in MN.”


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