Hardware + software startup Anser Innovation raises $1.5m

AnserInnovationAnser Innovation has closed a $1.5 million equity investment round that has been in the works, according to founder and CEO Lisa Lavin.

The financing arrives as the startup prepares to launch its first product, PetChatz, a “greet and treat” system for pet parents to interact with their pets through their smartphones, tablets or computer.

Anser Innovation

With strategic partnerships in hand, PetChatz intends to start shipping nationally in late spring to the first batch of customers who have pre-ordered — a relative nibble considering the $80b global market that Lavin foresees.
Additionally, the company has a bigger vision of introducing its platform to connect the disconnected in a more human realm.

“The aging population represents a huge need for staying connected remotely. We can leverage our technology infrastructure into many markets and one of those is elder care.”

AnserInnovation2Anser will accelerate development of its Anser Medication Management system, a medication therapy management system for elders and other populations.  That introduction carries with it great opportunities and equal challenges, considering the FDA regulatory oversight involved.

Using the same mobile AV approach, the Anser Medication Management system aims at ensuring people taking the right medication at the right time.

“In 2011, over $280 billion dollars was spent treating adverse drug events in the U.S. with confusion and forgetfulness is one of the top causes of adverse drug events.”

Lavin noted how the addition of former Target SVP Shawn Gensch to the board as an investor and advisor comes at the right time.

“Shawn brings the experience of big retail, distribution, PR and media,” she explains, to which Gensch added, “This is a startup that I admire, it has great potential. I’m delighted to join the team.”

The venture had previously closed an initial $1 million investment round from angel investors in fall 2012.

“This new round of funding will ensure we present a high-value technology to customers,” Lavin concludes.


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  • Frank Jaskulke