What is Galt.IO? New MN startup crowdfunds $590k and counting


galtioThree Minnesota men have taken it upon themselves to start an exclusive online network for cause-based activism. Their namesake is a homage to John Galt,
the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s novel Altas Shrugged.

“To create and support causes for individual liberty and battle against causes which starve the human spirit of the very essence of freedom,” reads their ethos.

The Galt.io crowdfunding campaign selectively launched around Thanksgiving and reached $200k in less than 24 hours, according to co founder Alex Huff.  Since that time, he says the project has grown to $590k+ derived from over 4,000 member backers nationwide.

The brainchild of libertarian-leaning radio show host and author Jason Lewis, local business investor Kurt Lieberman, and repeat tech entrepreneur Alex Huff — the vision involves a nexus of “Galtcoin” branded virtual currency, hyperlocal connecting and organizing using social technologies.

“We believed Jason’s following needed a platform of their own. Rather than seeking traditional investment or using an existing crowdfunding platform, we setup our own site and reached out to the community it was designed to serve.”

“This is our start,” Huff adds, noting that both the fundraising, member enrollment and technical development are ongoing.


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  • Alex Bakunin


  • colinlee

    LOL. The site itself is a $25 taker scam.

  • http://www.robertspeer.com/ Robert Speer

    Co-opting Ayn Rand’s character for a derivative concept may not be the best tribute, but it has proven to be an effective business strategy, at least with dating sites.

    For those of you that are only familiar with the Tea Party nutters, as with most things, the book(s) are better and have very little in common with social conservatism.

    The focus of much of Atlas & Fountainhead were big businesses mooching off the governement & individualism, however I suspect galt.io will devolve into dehumanization and supply side economics.

    Regardless this will be a fun startup to watch one way or the other.