XOXO Kitchen launches $150k Kickstarter campaign


XOXO Kitchen, a fresh startup initiative by Minneapolis mom Terry Frawley has hit the Kickstarter this week.

Described as an online food platform, the objective is to solve for kitchen organization issues that arise from planning family meals, certainly a reality many households can relate to.

It works by first adding recipes into a database that can be spread out over a given time frame. From there, those recipes can be plotted throughout the course of a week and broken down by specific ingredients. Those items are then transmitted to a virtual shopping list, accessible via mobile device while shopping to ensure thoroughness.

Frawley also has a vision to include the ability to easily organize nutritional information by specific meal or aggregate overall by days.

XOXO Kitchen is accepting pledges in range from $10 – $5,000 with the ultimate goal of reaching $150,000 by March 1.

In related local Kickstarter news, Minneapolis agency Fallon recently rolled out their own plans for supporting entrepreneurs. Their ‘StarterKit‘ offers the opportunity to partner-up on crowdfunding campaigns with a variety of creative resources on tap.