Minnesota Broadband and Biz: January 2014

by Ann Treacy


Blandin-Foundation_1In January, the Minnesota Broadband Task Force released their latest report, which emphasized the need for government intervention if Minnesota is to reach stated 2015 broadband goals of ubiquitous broadband at 10-20 Mbps downstream and 5-10 Mbps upstream.

Recent reports from Akamai and Ookla also indicate that Minnesota isn’t not track. Because of the report and other efforts, it looks as if broadband will come up in the legislature this year both in terms of what can be done to improve broadband expansion and the impact on business.

In the last month, the Blandin on Broadband blog highlighted stories of broadband policy and use in Minnesota in an effort to educate and inform. Many of these topics will come up at the Border to Border Broadband Conference in St. Paul on February 4-5:

  • In Cook County, Arrowhead Electric has completed 431 miles of fiber for broadband mainlines and 2079 Network Interface Devices have been installed at end sites (homes). They are hoping to take order for customers soon.
  • Renville and Sibley Counties (RS Fiber) plan to use a private co-op as a way to build out fiber to the farm.