Minneapolis e-commerce startup Scrubadoo gets acquired


ScrubadooMinneapolis startup Scrubadoo has been acquired by an unnamed private party according to sole founder and CEO Brett Brohl.

Launched in February 2010 after relocating to Minnesota, the niche e-commerce site specialized in medical uniforms — aka scrubs — both direct to consumer and also B2B.   Brohl self funded the venture and was hesitant to disclose the terms, but describes the return as “sizable.”

“The goal was to build and sell from day one, although I didn’t think it would happen that fast,” he admits, having recently launched Chefadoo.com & Prepadoo.com using the same proven model.

“We were bought for Scrubadoo, the other sites were initiated but that’s where the real asset was.”

Together with his core team of four, Brohl says he’s already started moving into new projects, “Eager to do it bigger next time.”


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