Leav launches mobile art app on Kickstarter


A team of artists, producers, and programmers just launched Leav on Kickstarter to create a mobile platform that connects digital art with the world around it.

“Art and location connect in a powerful way. In a gallery, at an outdoor art installation, a play in an historical theatre, or a show at a dive bar, your environment affects your experience. Mobile technology has ensured that you can listen to music or watch video anywhere, yet this encourages people to ignore the world around them. You lose the connection to location. You lose the power of place. We want to change that.”

To build on this idea, the group has turned to Kickstarter with the goal of crowdfunding $22k for execution. The plan includes commissioning 15 unique artists who will incorporate their craft — be it literary, visual or performance — with the interactivity offered via mobile. Using such factors as location, direction, time and temperature, that app will link the art with the surrounding physical environment.


“Leav encourages creators to rethink how people interact and engage with the places where they live, work, and play.  Artists design their work with custom parameters unique to each piece, enabling them to reach audiences in powerful and unexpected ways that cannot be duplicated.”

The projects initial focus is on the Minneapolis-St.Paul area, but could expand beyond that depending on how the campaign is received. Backing pledges start at $5 and range upwards of $10k with the all-or-nothing deadline of March 9th.