The City of Minneapolis is exploring a ‘mobile payment system’ for parking


parkingmeterHat tip to Bill Bushey from Open Twin Cities for unearthing this item from recent Minneapolis City Council meeting, filed under ‘Transportation and Public Works’:

7. On-Street Parking Mobile Phone Payment System:
Authorize issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an on-street parking mobile phone payment system.
Action Taken: Adopted.

While it’s not clear yet what the scope of such system entails, useful functionality may include: real time rates & availability, remote management & payment and reporting of broken meters.   We’ll keep an eye for more info, specifically about the intentions and when/where the RFP is going.


  • Chad Halvorson

    I like this. Paying for parking from my phone would be helpful. Especially when it’s -10°. If anyone has tried using the pay machines in cold weather, they just don’t work. Paying via an app on my phone would be wonderful.

    • Paul Prins

      exactly, its frustrating waiting 20 seconds for the screen to kind of update to the next screen. Mobile would be a life saver.

      • Jeff Pesek

        “Your meter 83439 on Washington Ave is expiring in 15 minutes. Reply with the number of minutes to add or simply ignore this courtesy message. Thank you for using the park n pay system. Love, Minneapolis.”

        • Chad Halvorson


  • Paul Prins

    I talked with one of the parking meter checker people about two years ago. She was really sweet (she liked our dog) and I asked her about the computer that she had in her car for the meters. It was really neat and she gladly showed it off to me, it showed each space overlaid on a map all color coded based on the time to expiration, and it might have also shown where the other workers were. It made it easy for her to identify areas where many meters would expire soon, and also made it so she didn’t need to get out of the car to check on parking status. Based on that conversation I would say Jeff’s functional wish list is very possible. Awesome catch Bill.

    • Nick Ciske

      Jeff’s list is already available yesterday — I experienced it in Wisconsin Dells, WI over a year ago and was very happy when it allowed me to extend by time via text (saving me a probable ticket).

      They use this company’s system: