B2B startup Docalytics is going to Google for Demo Day


DocalyticsCoCo is sending local startup Docalytics to Silicon Valley this April 1st and 2nd to participate in a Google-hosted Demo Day.

Co-founders Evan Carothers and Steve Peck delivered an eight minute pitch earlier this evening to an intimate crowd of CoCo members and judges.   The event coincides with CoCo + Google’s partnership, as part of the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network.


Docalytics’ plugin-free document viewer makes PDF content readable and sharable across web/mobile/tablet environments while enabling lead capture and conversion through usage data collection and reporting.

As the always articulate judge Justin Kaufenberg noted, “This is a hot space.”

The judging panel consisted of: Dan Kinsella, General Manager – JAMF Software; Justin Kaufenberg, Founder & CEO – Sport Ngin; Erin Newkirk, Founder & CEO – Red Stamp; Anna Love-Mikelson, Founder – Stoke.d.

Docalytics will be pitching at Google for feedback from a panel of investor judges, including Steve Case & MG Siegler.  Raising capital is not out of the question. Runner-up Kidizen will enter a wild card pool and still has a shot at joining Docalytics between now and April. Pitches were also given tonight by OMG Transit, Apruve, and Nexting.

“We appreciate the opportunity provided by CoCo and look forward to representing Minneapolis,” Carothers said. “Absolutely thrilling,” CoCo co founder Kyle Coolbroth added.


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  • lieflarson

    Evan and Steve are shining examples of what creativity, persistence and perseverance can accomplish. Kudos on this opportunity and keep up the hard work.

    • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

      entrepreneurs FTW

  • http://www.docalytics.com/ Evan Carothers

    It’s a great honor to be able to represent the Midwest @ Google. There was some tough competition and all the companies present did a great job. As always, we appreciate tech.MN’s great coverage. Stay tuned for more exciting updates & happenings from Docalytics in 2014!