Minnesota’s Leav mobile app clears Kickstarter



A mobile project aimed at “connecting digital art in Minneapolis and St. Paul with the people around it” has successfully closed on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Collectively organized as Six Impossible Things, the team of of artists, producers, and programmers launched early last month, and as of yesterday, had inched over their $22k minimum funding threshold via 174 backers.

Leav, as the app is called,  “Uses your phone’s GPS to uncover art that has been placed in deliberate locales and scenarios. For example, a citywide symphony whose disparate parts drift in and out depending on which city street you’re on, or a short film viewable only at dusk in a particular tree-filled park in December. Factors like location, time, temperature, direction, and speed of travel can dynamically interact with a piece’s unique qualities and accessibility, in turn changing your own perspective with each new work of art you visit.”


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