Minneapolis indie game developer turns to Kickstarter


A Druid’s Duel — turn-based strategy game for iPad, Mac, Windows and Linux, launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to crowdfund $7k.

Minneapolis-based Thoughtshelter Games was founded in 2013 by veteran software developer Kris Szafranski, who “rose through the ranks at his previous role to VP of Software Development at The Nerdery before venturing out to pursue his lifelong passion for gaming.”

A Druid’s Duel is the first project for Thoughtshelter Games. In each turn-based battle, 2 to 4 teams of druids compete to control the most land on the board. However, both the units and the board itself are constantly changing. Each unique type has a unique animal transformation and spells can reshape the very ground under your feet.   Szafranski says it’s easy to learn and difficult to master, “perfect for fans of strategy, fantasy and board games.”

The product’s estimated delivery is June 2014, pending funding.