Minneapolis B2B fintech startup Argos Risk going for $1.3m


ArgosRiskMinneapolis enterprise SaaS provider Argos Risk is raising $1.3m with $700k committed, according to a recent SEC disclosure.

Brought to market in the fall of 2010,  the company had raised at least $1m around this same time last year.

“Argos Risk Online provides subscribers with easy-to-understand, actionable data that allows you to effortlessly analyze the business and financial health of your customers, vendors, and competitors. Argos Risk Defender allows you to proactively monitor the business health of your own company, and in the instance of a breach, provides you with remediation and recovery service for up to 100,000 compromised records.”


We’ve reached out to CEO Steve Foster for an update on any metrics or milestones; will update accordingly.


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