B2B software startup InfiniRAM launches on Kickstarter


Martin Fenner, the inventor & entrepreneur behind hardware play Exablade, has taken a detour to develop and launch InfiniRAM via Kickstarter.

“InfiniRAM is a patented software based Turbo-charger that accelerates applications such as, Oracle/SAP, and others by 80% or more.”

Fenner claims to have already received a Letter of Intent form a world-wide distributor who asserts that they can add the product and generate $200M annually. The Kickstarter goal of $100k in 30 days is to rapidly prototype and go to market with licensing agreements.

“We’re on the verge and we may be able to develop our alpha version without extra funding,” he exclaims.


  • Nuno Brito

    Letters of intent are deceptive. So was the case here, the kickstarter campaign only attracted $300 without any multimillionaire contract ever being signed.