Advance IT rolls out new program to address Minnesota’s tech talent shortage


Via News Release

“ST. PAUL (March 21, 2014) — There’s a rapidly growing talent shortage of web and app developers in Minnesota, and it’s reaching crisis proportions. A groundbreaking, new program aims to alleviate this talent shortage and skills gap in Minnesota’s web and app development community.

Advance IT Minnesota in partnership with Metropolitan State University, Minnesota State University, Mankato, and local employers, is debuting Fusion, a new model of employer‐engaged education.”

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  • Timo Henschel

    Is there a tech talent shortage in MN? One can count the number of app developer job openings on one hand.

  • PlainN Simple

    Plain and simple, pay more and drastically improve your working environments. Good tech hires are worth more than another sales person or VP. Keep them happy and your company stays competing. Companies from Silicon Valley know the Midwest is underpaid and are coming here to take all the good talent at a steal.