Local indy game developer is funded on Kickstarter

by Admin


A Minneapolis game developer who launched on Kickstarter last month has inched over the $7k target with time to go on the campaign.

Kris Szafranski formed ThoughtShelter games after departing from The Nerdery to pursue his lifelong passion for gaming. A total of 210 backers have pledged $7,342 with 42 hours remaining.

His first title and subject of Kickstarter success is A Druid’s Duel — “Whimsical turn based strategy on Mac, Win, Linux and iOS.”

“I’m in a bit of a shock, to be honest. I’m overwhelmed and its a good thing this is email or I might not be able to get the words out but…” Szafranski wrote in update, adding in a $9k stretch goal to further fuel the crowdsourcing flames.


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