Meet Minnestar’s newest board member: Alex Ryan


AlexRyanMinnestar is known for some of the state’s largest and longest standing technology events, namely Minnebar and MinneDemo.

The organization has organically flourished since early 2000’s, moving from a grassroots initiative to an official non-profit.  As the scope and audience has grown, so has the demand for committed resources.

It was announced today that Alex Ryan has joined the board of Minnestar and we took the chance to learn more about her:

JP: When and how did you come across Minnestar?

AR: I heard about MinneBar in 2005/2006 but missed attending until MinneBar6 and since then haven’t skipped a beat. I am a technologist myself and also have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship.

JP: What is your background in and what do you do for a living?

AR: Just about every job under the sun in technology…developer, DBA, sysadmin, project manager, all sorts of stuff.  My training is in fine arts and so I always bring a creative side to whatever I do.  I currently work at the University of Minnesota in software project management.

JP: I heard that you were recognized last year, what was that for?

AR: I’ve volunteered at a lot of events and last year was acknowledged for that by Minnestar as the “Volunteer of the year.”

JP: What is your role or responsibilities with Minnestar as a board member?

AR:  I’m actually meeting with the board next week to find out, this is still news to me.   I presume that it will be much of the same goodwill, but now with a greater voice.

JP: What’s something about you that not a lot of people know?

AR: One, I am very shy.  Also, I don’t sleep a lot, hardly at all actually…4 hours/day is normal for me.  I like to play the guitar. Guess I’m wired differently, constantly trying to learn by reading and by doing.