Former Digital River VP launches new fintech startup ReliaBills


ReliabillsA former VP of business development with Digital River has taken a quarter century of corporate experience and flipped that on its head.

After graduating from Hamline in 1986, Brant Pallazza spent his professional career with companies like Fingerhut, Western Publishing, Damark, and the aforementioned Digital River – where he previously managed half a billion in e-commerce software sales with a staff of ~100.

The executive turned entrepreneur launched ReliaBills, a product of Tachy Technologies, earlier this year in response to his “Passion for small business and experience with managing software products.”

ReliaBills software acts as an integrated payment service provider with billing, invoicing and communication tools for small and medium sized service industry.

“Most accounting software solutions today hit their mark but miss the target. Simplifying invoicing and billing is great, but that is not the goal for us, it’s about getting our customers paid faster,” he says.

So far ReliaBills has bootstrapped its way to 20 paying customers with the goal of having 150 clients by the end of this year.

“Self funding is never easy, but it keeps us in control of direction and change without having to meet the expectations of others.”  With market validation in hand, Pallazza admits he isn’t ruling out raising $500k soon to scale sales and marketing. His previous CEO, Joel Ronning, who Pallazza has ‘been in the trenches with before,’ has shown interest.

“The service industry has been drastically overlooked in the midst of a payment processing landgrab. I’m learning the language of entrepreneurship and loving it.”