This bootstrapped startup gets buzz and builds revenue

buzzbuilder-logo-new-300pxJake Atwood, founder and CEO of BuzzBuilder, knows what it’s like to be a small startup with limited resources trying to generate leads and find clients in a crowded marketplace.

His company was in that very position when it launched in 2010, yet despite being completely self-funded, BuzzBuilder was profitable within three months. He credits the quick success to an approach that emphasizes “creativity and savvy decisions for budget-constrained growth,” such as foregoing the overhead of an office lease.

The product isn’t necessarily groundbreaking; BuzzBuilder is a software platform that automates the lead generation and management process, from email campaigns to web metric tracking to appointment management and more.

The basic functionality isn’t dramatically different from existing marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Pardot, but Atwood says BuzzBuilder differentiates itself through simplicity and usability. The software is designed to be accessible for busy sales reps who don’t have the time to learn how to use a complicated marketing engine.

“Our claim to fame has been taking the core of some of those different tools and tactics, and then simplifying them for a sales rep who’s never even done anything like this to use it after 20 minutes of training,” he says.

The target market for BuzzBuilder is small companies and startups in prospecting-oriented industries. The software is a good fit and, at $250 per month, more affordable than some of the more robust and complex alternatives.

Atwood also says his company’s secondary offering — consulting services — is perfectly suited for such clients. Not only does BuzzBuilder provide a tool for efficient and cost-effective business growth initiatives, but the people behind it can also deliver the insight to make it work.

“We’re going to take everything you thought you knew about lead generation and throw it right out the window, and we’re going to show you some bootstrapped marketing efforts that will allow you to generate leads on shoestring budget.”

Atwood will be sharing his tips and tactics on building that early buzz at the upcoming Startup School Minnesota.


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